The Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry Research

The Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry Research is a peer reviewed international journal that publish research articles in the field of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry. The target is in exploring, investigating, and developing chemicals sources from local and/or Indonesian to increase the value and promoting to the broader stakeholders.

All the journal abstracts are included in Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) by a division of American Chemical Society (CODEN JPACCA). And since April 26, 2017 JPACR is accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia (NOMOR 32a/E/KPT/2017) issued date 26 April 2017 for the 5 years.

Now we have partneship agreement with ProQuest to broaden the article distribution. 


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Vol 7, No 3 (2018): Edition September-December 2018


Articles in press are an early realesed of manuscript after completion of review process and ready to be prepared for production prior to the scheduled publication.

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Pinku Poddar, Kamol Dey, Sumon Ganguli, Shahin Sultana, Husna Parvin Nur, A. M. Sarwaruddin Chowdhury
J. Pure App. Chem. Res. Vol 7, No 3 (2018), pp.    Published : September 01, 2018